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Mumma Spicy CrowdFundzz

Crowd Funding Solutions for Food & Kitchen Start-ups and Traditional Business. If you are a new start-up or a small business operator related to food and kitchen business segments, you can use any of our below mentioned solutions to raise funds up to a maximum of INR 5 Lakhs using our platform. We list your fundraiser on our platform as well as on our social groups for free to help you maximize your funds. You can also use any of our paid solutions if you want to aggregate your fund raising activity.

Workers with Name Tags

Join the Movement

Volunteer anyone to get their dreams supported..

If you are a social worker, influencer, social media professional or just someone who wants to bring a smile on someone's face by supporting them in building their

career-business or start-up, be a volunteer

We give you 50% of what we charge as platform fees as a acknowledgement for your support.

Why do we charge platform fees?

To support this platform's technical as well as marketing requirements. 

How it Works ??

We follow a very simple process to streamline your crowdfunding requirements ( for the free plans )

  1. Fill the form attached at the bottom of the page

  2. Fill your details as either a volunteer or end user

  3. Provide a brief description about your business and career

  4. Provide a brief description of how will you use these funds

  5. Attach a small video seeking your requirements

  6. We review your details and then create a fundraiser page and send you the link as well

  7. We promote your fundraising requirements through relevant promotional campaigns

  8. You can send the link for your fundraiser page in your own groups

  9. Once either the amount is collected or the tenure is completed, claim for your funds in your mentioned bank account, after internal checks, we send your amount after relevant deductions as mentioned above

Features Of Paid Plan

Ideal for Non-Profit as well as For-Profit Crowdfunding Organizations

Please fill your requirements

Please verify all the details before submitting.

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