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Your support helps everyone succeed

We are looking for crowdfunding support for our start-up Mumma Spicy Kitchen ( Web & Food Business ). We are building this platform as an Enabler platform for home makers who cook delicious food for their kids, a streamlined low cost software for canteens and cafeterias in educational institutions for the well being of kids meal ordering, tiffin operators, small to medium scale food event organizers, healthy habits and nutrition classes for kids and enabling women who have the skills but need a platform to sell their classes online and offline, a vendor platform for small to medium scale retailers involved in food and kitchen business to aggregate their volume as well as value their name.

Saurabh Krishnan ( CEO ) Web & Food Business

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Where will we utilize these funds :

We have already built our initial platform with limited budgets and our in-house skills but we need fund for further scalability of operations, marketing and resourcing. Your support will help us achieve our goals.

  • Marketing and Promotions of our platform

  • Creating an in-house or service based operations and internal accounting team

  • Developing our first in-house kitchen facility for ladies as well as early stage chefs or cooks

  • Using better technology platforms and social media for scaling this project

  • Enabling home makers using various Learning and Development platforms.

  • Scaling up deliveries through developing a salaried and skilled workforce

Benefits for Your Support

We are a for profit organization so income tax claims as part of donation might not be available for you, but as a gesture for your support we offer you with discounts and promotional boosters for you and your family from time to time. It may include offers for you to become our partners at lower costs and/or open your own store with us at lower costs. These benefits are sent to you over email from time to time which might in form of discount coupons and/or any other promotional methods

Help us Succeed

We are looking for crowdfunding support for our start-up which will be an enablement platform for women and home-makers as well as a multi-marketplace for food and kitchen businesses.
Your funds will help us succeed to get the desired outcomes. 
As a gesture we will offer special promotional offers for our supporters from time to time through e-mail communications.


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