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Best of Offers from Best of Shopping Sites

Mumma Spicy Offers gives you the freedom to choose the best of Offers from some of the best shopping sites.

Mumma Spicy Offers

Start your Loyalty Program Store for your food and kitchen business or start-up

Create your own loyalty and rewards program to turn first-time customers into forever customers

Our Services


Store on Shopify

One of the most loved and preferred store creation platform


Store on WIX

Highly appreciated and easy to use dashboard with almost everything you need at your fingertips


Store on bigcommerce

Open SaaS solution combines the best of SaaS and API enabled openness and flexibility, giving you the enterprise integrations and tools you need to customize faster

Standard  Solutions

One Price : Co-Branded : Your Domain : Your  Payment Gateway

Your Personal Dashboard : No Commission

  • You decide the platform

  • You decide the payment gateway

  • You decide the loyalty and promotional software from our list of partners

  • You create your own credentials and pay for the plan for the platform you choose

  • We keep administration rights to design, develop, integrate and manage your platform and programs

  • Maximum Programs : 50 Programs per Year

  • Maximum Staff Accounts : 10 Staff Accounts

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Type of Programs

  • We follow a sequential approach to launch and manage your loyalty and referral programs

  • Each of the programs are applied in different cycles to create more influential mechanism

  • Types of Programs depends on the platform and software you choose

Custom Solutions

  • If you have an Existing Online Store on Shopify, Bigcommerce or Wix and want to integrate any of our loyalty and referral program solutions

  • If you have an Existing Online Store on Shopify , Bigcommerce or Wix and want us to manage your loyalty and referral program solutions

  • If you want to build an online store from scratch and need a comprehensive end to end program management

Enterprise Solutions

Managed Enterprise Loyalty & Referral Programs

Launch fast. Spend less. Grow more. We have solutions designed for high-volume businesses so you can create a loyalty program that drives results.

Graphic Designing

Enterprise loyalty.
Ease of doing Business.

We have partnered with industry leading solutions of loyalty and referral programs

Image by Tamanna Rumee


  • Works with Shopify - Wix - BigCommerce

  • Recommended for Enterprise editions of any of the above platforms

  • Redeem points at checkout

  • Embed across your store

  • Create a loyalty page

  • ​Powerful Reports at your fingertips

  • Sales influenced

  • Key performance indicators

  • Points accounting

Image by Tamanna Rumee
  • Great for Shopify and Shopify Plus

  • Recommended for Enterprise Editions of Shopify

  • Points Program - Referral Program

  • VIP Tiers - Rewards Panel

  • Customize your loyalty program’s rules

  • Create a unique program that aligns with your brand’s personality

  • Reward customers for all interactions, from purchases to social shares and referrals. 

Image by Tamanna Rumee


  • Works with Wix

  • Set up and launch a referral program in under an hour

  • Get a seamlessly integrated program right on your site – there're no widgets or popups

  • Reward customers with discounts, free shipping or loyalty points

  • Earn more as referred friends tend to spend more

  • Offer a loyalty program to returning clients and customers

  • Give points for signing up, making purchases, placing orders & more

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