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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a team of self motivated and continuous learners with an aim of building platforms which are self capable of delivering solutions, technologies, methods, processes, compliances, tools, marketing, business consultations, encouragement with social and economic vision. Mumma Spicy Kitchen is one such platform which encourages home makers and kitchen specialists to move ahead of the boundaries and limitations of just being a home-maker. We believe if anyone can make " House a Home ", that person can make the World a Home for everyone with a vision towards bringing togetherness.

" Food is one thing that breaks all the boundaries "


Our Story drives Our Vision

We started Mumma Spicy Kitchen from our home kitchen as our need towards financial assistance for our family. Our starting point was through a lot of learnings and ups & downs since we never did a food business from home kitchen earlier. Even one of our ventures was a big failure wherein we invested quite a good amount from our savings :)

This time we started very slowly understanding what are the needs and how we can over come this. Through this process we understood few basic requirements from products, services, processes and compliances point of view while starting our food business. Few of which I am listing below:

1. A Proper Business Model

2. A curated list of food products we are going to sell

3. A well drafted and clean menu

4. Understanding of the Market your consumers are, since prepared food business mostly operates within a distance range.

5. Pricing Strategy

6. Packaging Requirements

7. Daily Needs like groceries, vegetables, fruits, meat etc

8. People Strategy, how many type of support staff we might need.

9. Timings and Schedules

10. FSSAI License

11. Aggregators Market and Platforms

12. Own promotions and Visibility

13. Our Personal Strengths

14. Types of Food Business like tiffin system, on demand, party models etc

15. Long term partnerships

16. Recipes, Cookbooks

17. Marketing Materials like flyers, promotional videos to promote us digitally

18. Proper usage of Digital platforms

19. Drawbacks and Limitations of Social Media


With all this learnings, when we thought of scaling our business, we gave a thought around this that some or most of these might be the challenges of everyone. This gave us our first vision towards Mumma Spicy Kitchen to create a platform for Home Makers, Chefs and Kitchen Specialists which can be one single solution enabled platform for everyone who are in food business or any business which is related to kitchens may it be services, product suppliers, education, cookbooks, marketers.


Though we are still in early stages but what we are building is as below:

1. Marketplace for Single Home Chefs to sell food

2. Marketplace for Groceries, Utensils, Packaging, Kitchen Aids, Daily needs to run food business from home or cloud kitchens.

3. Marketplace for freelance service providers in food business like marketers, fssai consultants, food photographers, menu makers, food aggregator consultants, food business consultants, Kitchen clothings stitchers

4. Our Partnership models with Early stage cloud kitchens, home chefs scaling their food businesses

5. Our long term strategic business partners in Brands partnerships, Kitchen Partnerships

6. Advertising platform for existing kitchens and food operators, groceries and other services companies

7. A social connect platform to create groups and discussions around food and related activities.

8. Cooking and other kitchen related Classes platform

9. A Forum for questions, answers and queries by helping each other succeed.

10. A Print on Demand shop related to food habits and disciplines

In the pipeline we are also working on a community service platform which can drive donations and helps towards people who are in need towards food and habits community.

With this aim, we are moving towards our goal and vision... We need your blessings and suggestions - feedbacks so that we understand our shortfalls and get booster for our startup

You can reach out to us at

Meet The Maker

Directors and Shareholders

Mrs. Yashoda Kumari

DIN : 08412851

D( Executive Director & Shareholder )

Mrs. Meena Srivastava

DIN : 10108512

( Non-Executive Director & Shareholder )

Communication Address

1039 Saraswati Tower

Mahagupuram, NH24

Mehroli, Ghaziabad - 201002

Uttar Pradesh - India

Grievances : +91-7905862275

Accounts : +91-8802625211

Sales : +91-9289662001

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