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Cafe-Teen Single Vendor

Are you a single vendor operating a canteen ? Use our low cost ordering platform for single vendors >>

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We provide end to end Solutions and Services for Canteens and Cafeteria which includes Food & Meal Services for Students, Fully Managed Online Ordering and Booking Systems for Single Vendor as well as Multi-Vendor Cafeteria which helps students, staffs, teachers a streamlined booking process for meals thus allowing students to enjoy their break having meals rather than standing and waiting for orders. This also helps in managing the cafeteria well keeping it less crowded and easy management of inventory as well as control over wastage.  We also provide online event organizing solutions for teachers and staff to host any birthday, festive or any other celebrations with sending invitations as well as organizing meal services. We also provide comprehensive end to end Enterprise Cafeteria Management System

Canteen Snacks Services

Canteen Snacks
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Mutli-Cafeteen Order Management Platform

For canteens and cafetaria which have multiple sellers or being managed by third party facility management provider

Minimum Requirement : 4 Seller Accounts

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White Label Order Management Platform

For canteens and cafetaria which are self operated or controlled by the business.

Cafeteen Ordering Solutions


Vegetarian Thali

Our Services

. Market research for upto 5 mid day meal service providers in your location

. Pricing Evaluation

. Setting up menu plans for your location

. Liasoning between the service provider and Business

. Access to order management solutions

. Trainings for the service provider on our platform

Indian Food

Our Services

. Food Compliance checks like FSSAI certifications

. Assistance in getting FSSAI license for the unit

. Contract Management for the service provider

. Renewals and Removals

Cafeteen Mid Day Meals









( Excluding Taxes )

White Label Cafeteen

Order Management Solutions

Feature 1

. Inventory Management

Feature 4

. Menu Management

. Coupons & Promotional Offers

Feature 2

Order Management 

. Pre-Ordering System

. Live Ordering System

Feature 5

. Dual Branded Website

. Industry leading Technology Provider

Feature 3

. Location Services Enabled

Feature 6

.  Integrated Invoicing

Rainbow Balloons

Event Booking Solutions

. Fully Managed Event Booking & Management Solution

. Dual Branded

. Web Based

. Free listing on our Primary Website & Application

. Inbuilt Ticket Management 

Birthday Balloons

Creatives & Flyers

. Digital Flyers

. Digital Invitations

. Digital Menu

. Creatives for all Occasions like Staff and Students Birthdays, Any type of events planned by school

Cafeteen Event Solutions

Single Vendor Order Booking Solution

Start your own Cafeteria Management Company

We have end to end software and marketing solutions for you to start your own Cafeteria Management company

Cafeteria Management System (Enterprise)

Are you an Enterprise looking for an end to end Cafeteria Management System for your cafeteria operations and management ? 

We have some of the leading solutions for your requirements. We have some of the leading partners with experience in developing solutions with in-built functional capabilities as well as on demand solutions for your requirements.

Cafeteria Management System

A comprehensive solution to provide an enchanting cafeteria experience to your users!

eFACiLiTY® Cafeteria Management system/Canteen Management system streamlines cafeteria operations in corporate offices, colleges/universities, hospitals, multi-tenanted facilities, food courts, etc. It automates the entire cafeteria operations including meal order processing, billing & payment, food waste monitoring, inventory management, etc., seamlessly. Digital signage for menu displays, chef’s kiosks, self-service ordering kiosks, POS systems, and smart mobile app eliminates long queues ensuring seamless catering operations.

Enhancing dining experience & ensuring health and wellbeing of consumers through healthy food choices are some of the tangible benefits of choosing eFACiLiTY® Cafeteria Management system for your facilities.


Cafeteria Management System – Key Features

  • Subsidized and regular meal requests management

  • Setup & display daily menus with nutrient & calorific values along with allergen labels

  • Kitchen inventory with bill of materials (BOM) & procurement management

  • Efficient food and beverage management

  • Recipe management & ingredients picklist

  • Food waste monitoring & reporting

  • Ingredients display allow consumers to make informed food choices

  • Intuitive dashboards to track consumption, display expected, consumed & balance count

  • Personalized health report (nutrient values, time of consumption)

  • Record meal consumption through Barcode/QR Code/Access Card/NFC integration

  • Aligns with LEED & WELL rating requirements

  • Email/SMS/WhatsApp/App notifications on meal requests, approval, cancellation, payment, etc.

  • Real-time reports on consumer feedbacks, food waste monitoring for actionable insights

                                         Flexible Integrations

  • Time & attendance integration to calculate the expected meal count

  • Visitor management system integration to book meal for guests

  • Space management system to allow occupants to book a seat at a specific time-slot to reduce crowding/implement social distancing norms

  • Facility booking system integration to order refreshment from meeting rooms and book private dining space

  • Payroll integration to deduct employee meal expenses

Smart Facility App

With eFACiLiTY® Smart Facility app, consumers can easily book meals, make healthy food choices & get personalized health reports instantly!

  • Book meals on credit or pay instantly with prepaid wallets, credit/debit cards, etc.

  • View meal options with their calorific, nutrient, and allergen information to make healthy choices

  • Barcode/QR code/Access card/NFC integration

  • Healthy meal suggestions to users while booking/ordering meals

  • Track individual’s daily/weekly/monthly diet trends

  • Meal-wise/overall feedback on the go

  • Email/SMS/WhatsApp/App notifications on meal requests, approval, cancellation, payment, etc.

Working in Cafe

Cafeteria Kiosk App

Automate your ordering process in your cafeterias, food courts operating at corporate offices, business parks, single & multi-tenanted complexes with our eFACiLiTY® cafeteria kiosk app!


  • Order meals via an intuitive interface

  • View today’s menu items with calorific & nutrient value

  • Make instant payments with prepaid wallets, credit/debit cards, etc.

  • Access card/NFC integration

  • Record feedback/Register complaints


  • View pending orders, update meal item availability & status of ordered meals

  • Comprehensive dashboards with consumption count, total cooked count, balance count, and the chart displaying consumption status

  • Real-time feedback dashboard

Cafeteria Signage Display App

Enrich your customer’s experience at your cafeterias, restaurants, etc., by easily configuring large screen displays and creating impressive digital signage.

  • Design attractive screens to display Today’s Menu

  • Use predefined templates for quick setup

  • Display price, Ingredients, Calorific information, Nutrient information, Allergens

  • Dynamic digital menu display based on availability

  • Supports multiple signage devices, screen sizes

  • Create slideshows, embed videos for each display

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