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We work with our vendors on a mutual success model and want a business which creates value to self as well as to others. Vendor relationships are a crucial journey for Mumma Spicy Kitchen and we believe in long term relationships with our vendors.



Single Vendor

. Join us as our single vendor of any of the mentioned categories and start selling your products with us

. We take care of Taxes

. We take care of payments

. We take care of sales

. You take care of customer dealings

. You get access to sales dashbaord

. Weekly Payouts

. Integrated payment gateway

. Access to our Delivery Partners

. 30 categories to choose from

. Monthly fees : INR 299 PM / 100 Products

. Monthly fees : INR 499 PM / 300 Products

. Monthly fees : INR 799 PM / 500 Products

. Monthly fees : INR 999 PM / 1000 Products

. Our Commission : 10%



. Join us as Multi-vendor partner and enroll as many vendors under your account

. Full control over sales and inventory dashboard

. Unlimited Products

. Admin can assign existing product to the seller

Accounting option is available for the admin along with automatic seller payout

. You can charge enrollment fees from your vendors

. You can set commission model for your vendors

. Integrated invoicing and accounting

. Free listing on our multi-market

. In-built accounting

. You control the vendor dashboard

. Option to use our brand or self brand name

. Cost of using our brand name : INR 2500 PM

. For upto 10 Vendors / 1000 Products : INR 10000 PM

. For upto 50 Vendors / 2000 Products : INR 25000 PM

. Unlimited Vendors / Unlimited Products : INR 50000 PM

. We charge commission : 5 % on Monthly Postpaid

Our multivendor marketplace application provides a user-friendly dashboard to the store owners and has all the access to products, orders, sellers, and sellers' products.

Saurabh Krishnan : Founder : Mumma Spicy Kitchen Web Business

Few Categories & More

Groceries - Packaging - Vegetables - Fruits - Packed Meats

Sell as many grocery products and packaging products

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Grocery Shop

Kitchen Electronics

Sell Kitchen Electronics like Refrigerator, Microwave, Grinders, Chimney etc

Read More

Utensils & Commercial Kitchen

Sell as many Utensils and Commercial Kitchen Products

Read More
Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Aids

Sell Kitchen aids like cutters, kitchen cloths, handlers etc

Read More
Kitchen Bar
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