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MSK Tiffin Solutions

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We cater Tiffin Service Provider of all sizes and business orientations may it be single location tiffin services, multi-location tiffin services with end to end solutions which caters design, development, branding, marketing, skill development, nutrition guidance, delivery system, ordering and invoicing system.



Ordering & Booking Store

. Fully functional online ordering and booking store for Tiffin Service Providers. No Commission required. Start your tiffin services with your own ordering system for your clients and give them a convenience to pre-book , cancel, register any add on facilities for your tiffin services.

Integrated with more than global 100 delivery partners if you want to use their services to deliver your tiffins and you focus on food.

INR 18000 every six months.

INR 30000 every twelve months.


Creative Design Services

You can order creative design services from us for your tiifin services like flyers, promotional videos, business cards, templates, social media creatives and banners, menu and many more.


Sell on our Platform

If you run a small tiffin services from your home, you can register with us to sell on our platform where your services will be listed with a distance visibility of 10 kms radius.


Listing Services

. If you already have an online store or selling through any online mediums you can list your channels with us to have better visibility and be a part of one of it's kind kitchen and food multi-marketplace. 

Twice Free Page Promotion on our FB Page with Audience size 1000.

INR 10000 for Twelve Months


Social Media Marketing

If you already run a website or any online mediums to sell your tiffin services, we offer social media marketing services for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google ads and many other social media platforms.


Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services for your tiffin service which may include research about better delivery options in your locations, strategy consulting about expansion of your tiffin business, food licenses consulting and any other requirements as per demand.

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